Artemis and Mulan

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a mini character spree…First one I did was an interpretation of the Greek Goddess Artemis, next I did a redesign of Mulan from the Disney movie. Mulan was especially fun and wanted to jump on the opportunity to redesign Mushu, Mulan’s little dragon sidekick! Was an interesting experience, a little out of my comfort zone, but such compromises must be made to grow as an artist!

artemis Mulan and Mushu


More Cow and Silhouettes…

It’s been a little while. A little over a month or so. I’m still busy as ever on the tablet, creating some more pieces for cow, not too mention my first win, quite happy now that I have something to show for it. Only took me about 10 months. Anyways here’s some of my latest stuff as well as some silhouettes and some sketches.


I’ve finally decided to start an art blog. I think it’s only appropriate to get straight to business. I’ll start off by posting some of my best digital pieces. As you can see my personal interests lie within creature design. I would like to eventually get into the concept art industry at some point in my life, and of course specialise in creature design, but I would also like to get more into characters, environments, industrial design, etc.


The Swamp God

Venacarpia carcarius

Megachelys gigantora

Star-hide Angler

Mountain Behemoth