A redesign of a metroid creature from the classic nintendo video game series, Metroid! When this topic was announced on CA I got a little bit excited, being a big fan of the franchise (don’t tell anyone but metroid is one of the reasons I wanted to get into concept art, but seriously don’t tell anyone)! As shown in a previous post I didn’t stop with just the metroid, but also had a go at the other badasses of the series! Will try to finish of that piece at some point, plus I always wanted to try for a redesign of Samus, both in her varia suit and her zero suit, but that’s for another day…for now, enjoy this metroid!!

metroid copy


New updates…

It’s been a little while, but I’ve got some more creatures and art to show…so here we go…

Yutyrannus painting, and more…

It’s been a little while, but here are some more recent digital paintings!


More Cow and Silhouettes…

It’s been a little while. A little over a month or so. I’m still busy as ever on the tablet, creating some more pieces for cow, not too mention my first win, quite happy now that I have something to show for it. Only took me about 10 months. Anyways here’s some of my latest stuff as well as some silhouettes and some sketches.

Eow, and other randoms…

Lately finished an environmental piece, and had a lot of fun doing it. Plus gonna post a bunch of other stuff, including some creatures I’ sketched for Wasted and a chow piece.

Centaur Rendezvous Point

Falcon Warrior

Random Creature head concept

Wasted creature 1

Wasted Creature 2

Wasted creature 3

crustecean creature

alien creature concepts

8 eyed inventor alien slug

Even more creatures, and Bridgman

Time to post some more of my creature concepts, starting with my latest then adding some older pieces as well.

Megacerasornis vs Blue footed Tetradon

Golden Wyrm of the Philoshipher’s Stone

Indigo Palmed Loris



Alien Turkey

And a bunch of bridgman studies….need to do more….studies in general not just bridgman