Updated Bloop and metroid re-designs!

Having a pretty busy week, recently a new topic on cow popped up that got me excited, Metroid Redesigns! So I whipped up a few sketches! Ridley sketch is kinda safe, mainly because Ridley is so awesome I’m afraid to f%$# him up! Also decided to go back in time and redo the mistakes of the past, or at least fix up a few things in a painting that I’ve previously already called it quits and took it further along towards completion. The bloop creature I designed for CGHub’s creature forge got a little makeover!!

metroid redesigns copy The Bloop


The Siren and Generator Bug

Latest painting was done for CGHub’s Character Forge, topic was The Siren. Never really drawn/painted a mermaid before so was a fun challenge! Also had some time to kill last Sunday so I did a quick generator bug for Cow on CA. Topic was in need for more entries plus I needed to flex my creature designing muscles a bit. Not particularily pleased with the bug as I am with the mermaid but it’s good to get some stuff done!

Mermaid copy Brecian moth larvae

Wampa and Thief

Whoo…managed to complete a couple more pieces within the past few days!!

First is a re-design of a beast from Star Wars, the Wampa! Y’know, the big ass yeti thing that tried to eat Luke Skywalker on Hoth, then ended up having it’s arm lightsabered off! Anyways this was a really fun painting, always a nice challenge taking on a very well known creature and making it your own! Second piece is a character (I know a rare sight), a thief from the fantasy genre, I quite like this design and may end up developing it further!

Wampa Theif copy

Finally a new update!!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to update this thing. Almost forgot about it, but here I am adding some new stuff! I’m going to try to be a little more consistent in the future, maybe even update whenever I have one piece finished rather than waiting for 10 pieces and uploading a mini sh*tstorm!

So here we are in no particular order!

Glabrezu The Bloop gelatinous ghost Yulium Creature demonic speedsters variants Scatterbrain Ancient Rainforest Guardian Wooly Arctic Dragon Kappa Triclops soricinaefantasy enviro thumbs

Yutyrannus painting, and more…

It’s been a little while, but here are some more recent digital paintings!


More Cow and Silhouettes…

It’s been a little while. A little over a month or so. I’m still busy as ever on the tablet, creating some more pieces for cow, not too mention my first win, quite happy now that I have something to show for it. Only took me about 10 months. Anyways here’s some of my latest stuff as well as some silhouettes and some sketches.