Artemis and Mulan

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a mini character spree…First one I did was an interpretation of the Greek Goddess Artemis, next I did a redesign of Mulan from the Disney movie. Mulan was especially fun and wanted to jump on the opportunity to redesign Mushu, Mulan’s little dragon sidekick! Was an interesting experience, a little out of my comfort zone, but such compromises must be made to grow as an artist!

artemis Mulan and Mushu


Rhino!! Fairy Dragon!! and morning warm-up sketches…

Lately I’ve been working on a a few things! First was an Elemental Rhino! For CGHub’s drawing Jam, went with a Rhino that is very angry! Also over on dA I noticed a few meme’s popping around, known as ‘draw this again’, so I gave it a go as well, repainted a creature that I called the fairy dragon, however now it seems closer to a more alien-like creature. Also I’ve been pushing myself to draw a few concept sketches in the mornings to help wake myself up, only started a couple days ago.

Hot Angry Rhino copy Fairy Dragon remix creature sketches creature sketches2 creature sketches3


A redesign of a metroid creature from the classic nintendo video game series, Metroid! When this topic was announced on CA I got a little bit excited, being a big fan of the franchise (don’t tell anyone but metroid is one of the reasons I wanted to get into concept art, but seriously don’t tell anyone)! As shown in a previous post I didn’t stop with just the metroid, but also had a go at the other badasses of the series! Will try to finish of that piece at some point, plus I always wanted to try for a redesign of Samus, both in her varia suit and her zero suit, but that’s for another day…for now, enjoy this metroid!!

metroid copy

Updated Bloop and metroid re-designs!

Having a pretty busy week, recently a new topic on cow popped up that got me excited, Metroid Redesigns! So I whipped up a few sketches! Ridley sketch is kinda safe, mainly because Ridley is so awesome I’m afraid to f%$# him up! Also decided to go back in time and redo the mistakes of the past, or at least fix up a few things in a painting that I’ve previously already called it quits and took it further along towards completion. The bloop creature I designed for CGHub’s creature forge got a little makeover!!

metroid redesigns copy The Bloop

The Siren and Generator Bug

Latest painting was done for CGHub’s Character Forge, topic was The Siren. Never really drawn/painted a mermaid before so was a fun challenge! Also had some time to kill last Sunday so I did a quick generator bug for Cow on CA. Topic was in need for more entries plus I needed to flex my creature designing muscles a bit. Not particularily pleased with the bug as I am with the mermaid but it’s good to get some stuff done!

Mermaid copy Brecian moth larvae