Even more creatures, and Bridgman

Time to post some more of my creature concepts, starting with my latest then adding some older pieces as well.

Megacerasornis vs Blue footed Tetradon

Golden Wyrm of the Philoshipher’s Stone

Indigo Palmed Loris



Alien Turkey

And a bunch of bridgman studies….need to do more….studies in general not just bridgman






More creatures and studies

Forgive me for not being so active on here, though for a little while my connectivity slowed down drastically whenever I open the website, but it’s running fine now. I think it’s best if I just post my latest work since starting this blog.


Boorish Cow

The Defacer

creature thumbs

Arctic Desert Shipwreck

Material Studies

shitload of gestures

shitload more gestures

and why not post some older stuff here as well…

Dwarf War Mount

Purple Night Creeper

Frilled Sand Surfer

Red Hot Speckled Rock Muncher

Specimen 47 Stalker-Hybrid